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Originally Posted by Trey Strain View Post
Those old names and their numbering -- House of Mystery, Mystery in Space, etc. -- have market value. What they need to do is make them ongoing teamup or team titles.
For somebody that has me on ignore, it's like you read my post directly above yours... LOL

'Mystery Command' is probably one of the most senseless of your proposals, and Batman would never let a bunch of losers into his cave. The team in Detective Comics doesn't even get to meet at the cave and it includes some of his closest allies! Calling it something else doesn't make it any better.

House of Mystery needs to be something with supernatural characters. Not another book with Batman. Just because Batman comics sell, that doesn't mean you can tie every character or team to Batman and/or Gotham. Anybody remember Simon Dark? Probably not. He was tied to Gotham too, and was a pretty decent character IMHO... his first issue barely sold 24k. His last issue, #18 [which means he's lasted longer than a few of the shittier monthlies which is damn sad], only 7, 707.

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