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Originally Posted by Trey Strain View Post
Nobody should look at a untested concept and dismissively say, "That won't sell." You don't know that for a fact, and this is all about trying things out. Besides, if you try something out and it doesn't sell, then so what? But you can and should look at an old approach and say, "This has flopped already. Why should try that again, and meanwhile not try something that we haven't tried yet?"
It's obvious when an idea is just too senseless. You wanna try stuff out go work for Marvel... none of their shit's selling but so what right? Just a whole f***ing company down the toilet. They tried everything they could, no harm no foul. However now their top superhero genre characters can't even break the top 10 comics of the month. But I digress, out with the old and in with the new. Let's gentrify comics even moreso than they already are. Let's REALLY go Marvel and put Harley Quinn in three ongoing titles monthly along with three to six minis within a year. Let's just go full on Astro City and move EVERYONE in DC Comics to Gotham am I right? EVERYBODY gets a piece of the Bat. If 75% of Batman related books make the top 100 comics each month, it's easy to see why going from thirteen to FIFTY-TWO titles in or around Gotham is just common sense. Right?


To get back on topic... I'd LOVE to see Adventure Comics return... with Superclone and the Legion of Superheroes sharing the book again. Get Francis Manapul to pencil it again and I'll buy two monthly. Or four... you know if they publish twice monthly.

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