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Default Feeling a bit bummed...

My son is graduating from High School this year, and he is a stellar student. High grades, high test scores, Robotic team, Math Club, Jazz Band, many AP classes (and even more AP tests that he took on his own initiative, even though the school didn't offer the class...all with high scores). He got glowing recommendations from both Science and English teachers, plus the Math Professor from Reed College, where he took a class as part of their Young Scholars program, because he had long since exhausted the math offerings at his school (he also took a couple of other college level math courses, during the summers, at the local community college, all with high grades).

He applied to 14 schools.

He got accepted only at Oregon State University, plus a couple UC schools
(UCLA, and San Diego) that we probably can't afford to send him to, what with out-of-state tuition being so high.

He didn't even get accepted at Reed College, where they accept an average of about a THIRD of applicants AND he had already attended class (and excelled), and gotten a recommendation from the professor.

It is just so discouraging. He's on several "wait lists", but I don't know how much hope to hold out there.

He seems to be bearing it well, but I find it somewhat telling that he apparently knew that he hadn't been accepted at all these places (apparently these days, schools don't bother sending actual letters unless you are accepted. He found out on-line) but didn't tell us until we asked directly, puzzled by why he hadn't received anything in the mail. So I'm wondering if he was thinking we'd be disappointed in HIM. Which we aren't.

I'm freakin' disappointed in these schools. I know, I've probably got "Dad Goggles" on, but I feel like he's brilliant. Smarter than me, probably (certainly smarter, and a better student, than I was when I was accepted early decision by Rice University). Reed especially boggles my mind. I just can't fathom how he's not in the top third of applicants they got, when in addition to his High School record, he's already demonstrated that he can handle THEIR coursework in his chosen field.

I don't want to vent my frustration where HE'LL hear about it, though, so I'm venting here. (Yes, my wife and I also have talked at length about it. She feels the same as I do.)
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