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Originally Posted by Razorgod View Post
Actually, it's more akin to suing the owner of a storage company for someone breaking into your storage building. Everytime you give a company sensitive information for payment, you do so with the understanding that they are going to protect that information to the best of their ability.

If reports of Sony not keeping their security up to date are to be believed (proven true), then they did not fulfill their end of the agreement.

And even if they prove untrue, Sony had an obligation to alert potential victims as soon as it was discovered they may have been put at risk. They put their PR concerns above the trust of their users. And for that, they should be liable.

Kind of like if you go on vacation, and someone trips your alarm. The security company comes out and looks around, your front door is open but they aren't sure if anything is taken, so they wait until you come home to let you know that something might have been taken. After all, they didn't want to concern you until they were sure there was a reason to be concerned.

The hacking wasn't their fault, but their obligation to maintain their security to the highest standards, was. As well as their obligation to act in the best interest of the customer, which in this case would of been to let each customer make their own decision about how to proceed to protect themselves.
completely agree
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