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Gamera: Guardian of the Universe (1995)

"I'd like to take you out in a monster-free city."

Originally Posted by Agent Purple View Post
Shit, now I want to watch that again. The climax is a work of art.
Indeed. Not sure that it's even my favorite Peckinpah, but it's very good and very stylistic.

Originally Posted by Andrew NDB View Post
Still... I don't know if there's a more powerful moment in the whole series as when Adrian comes out of her coma and tells Rocky, "I want you to win!" and the training montage/music begins.

It still gives me chills.
LOL. I stood up and fist pumped at that moment, which was kind of pathetic since (1) I knew it was coming and (2) I was alone at the time.
Marches alone can't bring integration when human respect is disintegratin'.
This whole crazy world is just too frustratin' and you tell me over and over and over again,
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