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Cool 7-11 Cups!

As many of you are well aware, back in the 1970s (around the time Super Friends was airing on Saturday mornings) 7-11 had a series of plastic DC Comics Super Heroes Slurpee cups. And the Green Lantern one is a prized collectible for fans of the Emerald Gladiator!

I've never had one, but had recently been thinking about finally picking one up. While looking at GL items on eBay today, I saw the following Buy It Now auction and my mind was made up in an instant:

DC 7-11 SLURPEE CUPS 1973 Green Lantern / Green Arrow

Now, maybe it's because I'd just never looked into it, but I NEVER knew there was a Green Arrow cup from that line! And it's actually MORE awesome than the GL one! The GL one just has the "corner art" that DC stuck up in the upper left corner of the cover, showing a little portrait of our favorite Ring-Slinger, but the GA cup has an AWESOME piece of art by Neal Adams himself! Too cool!

Sorry I didn't let you guys know before it ended, but I couldn't risk letting someone else snatch it up!

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