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It's interesting... but the art kinda' reminds me of Pat Broderick's Green Lantern work in the early '90s.

That's not a bad thing. I think Pat Broderick's stuff was pretty cool most of the time. Yet, at the same time, while I think the art for this current project is cool, and the artist is obviously really good, the proportions are too exaggerated for my tastes. Anyway, what they're doing doesn't sound bad. It seems they're contracting things, which is probably a good idea at this juncture. Green Lantern got pretty overblown and tiring with too many redundant ideas from what Geoff Johns did, and there are WAAAAAAY too many characters, so it's not a bad idea to focus on one and ignore the others.

Speaking of the others, I guess Simon Baz and Guy Gardner are on the shelf for the time being, and Kyle Rayner will be used in a story in which he may die. I'm not even considering what characters I like or don't, but looking at this from a creative point of view, I believe there are way too many of these redundant characters, and I think DC often shoots themselves in the foot creatively by trying to account for all of them.
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