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Originally Posted by Trey Strain View Post
The whole damned problem is that they never should have added Baz and Cruz, and then crammed the other four Lanterns into one comic. Anybody at DC who didn't know that that was a terrible idea should be fired. And not just fired but escorted from the building by security.

I'm sure the thinking was,"These are Geoff's characters, so how can this fail? Besides, there are countless Latinas and Muslims out there who have been dying for an excuse to buy one of our comics!"
That's only one of the problems, albeit a very large one. The other is that the comics are written poorly. Green Lanterns is a complete waste of time joke and has been from the start, and Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps is written by Robert Venditti, who is a deadly dull writer.

Right now, I think the books are down to people who will buy Green Lantern unconditionally, but I won't be surprised if Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps also dips into the 20,000s in sales. I took a look at the latest issue because I'm interested in the Controllers, and it was once again an exercise in overly decompressed boredom where little happens. I'm pretty confident Venditti will manage another lame arc that should be awesome, and you're just not going to excite people or hold an audience's attention with that type of content.

It's kind of weird. Whenever he tries something, he's always somehow missing the mark. Sometimes he's moving things too fast, other times too slow. Sometimes he ignores character development, and other times when he tries going deeper with the characters, it still seems like something is missing. But you can always count on an abrupt, empty, anti-climactic ending. I suppose he's just not a good enough writer to hit the sweet spot and get things just right. Writing is, of course, a craft, and while everyone can do it, so to speak, it takes quite a bit of skill to do well.

That said, the Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps book isn't written so bad as to be outrageous. It's just always uninteresting whenever I give it a gander.

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