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Originally Posted by Lundonj View Post
Gleason, to me, is highly underrated - he has a specific, stylized (not as 'realistic') look, but I like it. And he is one of the few really good modern artists with 'action' scenes, he can throw a sweet comic panel punch. A lost art with a lot of guys trying to draw mini non-action posters in every scene.
You make me think of Reis with the last (I do love his art, though). Gleason is far from a dealbreaker for me, really good artist. And of course I've seen lesser work from guys like Reis and Lee. It's just when they're completely ON (the early JL with Johns comes right to mind), I'm can't get enough. I am a heavy admirer of what Lee did with Batman, though I can't say the story thrilled me. That's one of the few novels I keep around just for the art.
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