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Default Mass Effect Andromeda Darth_Andrea's Review.

I've now played the whole 10 hours of the game. I didn't touch the Multiplayer as I don't play multiplayer. So these are my thoughts on the single player portion of the game as I was able to play in 10 hours.

Firstly lets get the 800 pound gorilla out of the room. The facial animations in the game aren't the greatest. As well as a few other issues, guns being backwards in npc's hands in cinematics. But these things didn't really pull me out of the game. And only were jarring when I started actually looking for them and noticing them, otherwise they were able to be ignored.

Bioware hasn't ever been top notch on facial animations in the Mass Effect series so far to date. So it's not a super surprise.

As far as the game play. The combat is the best the series has ever had. It's fast, brutal and very fun. The addition of the Jump Jet makes for some interesting options.

The story was very intriguing. The mystery of Ryder's father, the S.A.M. A.I., and the Scourge are engaging and more than enough for the game start.

Graphically it's beautiful. I've not seen many games that can pull off environments as detailed and beautiful as this game has.

The Day One Patch is already live in the trial version. So any bugs the game may have had I never saw. It ran great and I tried it on 3 machines.

My main gaming rig, which is a monster, 3 i7-6800's, 34gb ram, 2 titan's running SLI with a combined 12gb Vram.

My Wife's Computer which is a single i7-6800 16gb ram and a GTX1080

And my laptop i5-5200U, 8gb ram, Gforce 940m 2gb vram.

My main rig and my wife's computer ran the game on ultra settings with no frame rate issues, no buffering, and low loading times.

The Laptop ran the game on low settings with no graphical issues, little lag and medium loading times. The different visuals in the settings don't really look much different overall. While I'm sure there is some down scaling and pixelating but I never noticed it on the laptops 1080 16x9 screen.

If you run the game on a SSD the loading times are much reduced. My laptop has a HHD, the other two machines have SSD and I did notice the loading times on the HHD were maybe 40 seconds to a minutes long on the SSD 30 seconds tops.

The voice acting leaves something to be desired as does the writing. But over all I enjoyed the game, enough to buy it twice, once for me, once for my wife.

I recommend this game. If your a fan of Mass Effect or sci-fi games in general I don't think you will be disappointed.


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