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Originally Posted by Mister Ed View Post
Given that the dialogue boxes talk about him being a "renegade Guardian" and say that he "died trying to destroy the Corps itself" I wouldn't hold my breath for him being portrayed correctly, as that seems to refer directly to the former story line with "Krona-in-name-only".

Then again, he certainly looks the part more, and he IS alive, so maybe it will reveal that all that junk with "KINO" was not REALLY Krona. That'd be hard to reconcile, though, given that the previous story had all kinds of flashbacks that established Krona as a "renegade Guardian", something he never was before.
One can still hope in vain, though as long as they take steps to making him more his cosmic scientist self I'd be happy with a compromise at this point. Just as long as he isn't about spreading emotions.

I also will have to agree with the others, the art looks really good here.
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