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Question Simon or Jessica?

If you had to pick just one of them to carry on in the GLCverse, which one would you choose and why?
Who has more to offer?
Who do you think has more fans?
What could either of them bring to the GLC proper?

I don't have time to go into my choice in depth, but what say the rest of you? This sub-forum is pretty dead other than the Preview threads. Let's hear arguments for these two from the fans and haters, don't just touch on the topic in other threads elsewhere.

I'm Team Jess. GLC benefits from having an Earth girl around. The novelty of Baz has worn off and he served his purpose. Let him go out in a blaze of glory if he has to since he's Geoff's, maybe he dies protecting Jess and she gets some character growth out of the whole ordeal.

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