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Originally Posted by -//V\\- View Post
If you had to pick just one of them to carry on in the GLCverse, which one would you choose and why?
Who has more to offer?
Who do you think has more fans?
What could either of them bring to the GLC proper?
I find Jessica more interesting (though I don't need her), but I'd guess Simon has more fans since he's been around a bit longer and seemed more important to Johns.

Originally Posted by -//V\\- View Post
If you 'fap' to cartoon pics of characters in comics, then something's wrong with you man. Seven posts in and already the topic is going pornographic...
I don't know about that in and of itself. If we were talking about Minnie Mouse, sure, that would be pretty sick, but comic characters like Jessica are more or less drawn realistically, often attractively, and there's the added fantasy element.

I don't think fantasizing about say a Michael-Turner-drawn Wonder Woman is all that far removed from fantasizing about Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman.

Heck, there are porn comics, which suggests (assuming said comics aren't made primarily for artistic merits) that the practice isn't all that rare.

That said, it's more disturbing that "fapability" would be his main criterion for evaluating a character's worth. It also makes me wonder how he evaluates whether Kilowog or Salaak are better than each other.
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