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Originally Posted by Space Cop View Post
Well, I don't normally read fanfic, but since you asked specifically.
I like that you tied it in with what's going on currently in the DCU. The GLC should be more central to universal events.
Some of the dialogue would be a bit wordy (as in it sounds like a lot for people to actually be saying) if it were to be an actual comic, but then again an actual comic couldn't make all the fun cultural references.
I love the idea of the Atom being stuck at two feet. Not small enough to be very useful, so a real handicap in a battle.
Oh, and I'm curious what Kyle's classics mix would be.
The Atom being stuck at two feet was my way of having a person/character the size of Rocket Racoon without actually having to use some new form of Ch'p or an additional ringless Lantern on the squad. I'm surprised nobody has said anything or asked about the weapon in Hawkgirl's hand....

Kyle's classic mix probably wouldn't surprise anybody at all. Some RHCP, NIN, Nirvana, Beastie Boys, Dropkick Murpheys, 311, Harvey Danger, and Sublime. Possibly some early Incubus. He'd likely have some Synthwave thrown in there too since he's into anime but I can't remember what all they called it in the 90's. The Mortal Kombat theme from the '95 movie would also be there LOL

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