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His stuff was particularly good right around the Three of a Kind arc with Wally and Conner Hawke as well as his issues during Emerald Knights. He did the GL/Sentinel 3 part mini also and drew Jade amazingly well. I eventually followed him over to the Flash around issues #140-155 during the Dark Flash saga. I hated seeing him get scooped up by Marvel, but I enjoyed his Black Bolt during War of Kings.

I completely get what you mean with the roundness. While his art does seem more realistic when compared to Humberto Ramos and Todd Nauck, it's still easy to put Pelletier in a category with those guys with some of his characters having larger more expressive eyes and hardly a square jaw in the bunch. His Impulse managed to look like almost everyone elses' at the time [see big eyes, hair, and feet].

Seeing Pelletier AND Eaglesham back at DC gives me hope one of them will draw Kyle again soon. It's a crime against fans to not bring Banks out of semi-retirement for something GL related.

EDIT: Also, let's not forget that most of these guys work was also benefiting from colors by MOOSE. He stuck with the franchise for YEARS and left sometime after Rebirth. He set a new standard in the way people color Lanterns and you just have to tip your hat for the guy.


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