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Originally Posted by Trey Strain View Post
You and I have a fundamental disagreement about this that's not going to be reconciled. You've embraced Cruz as an Earth Lantern, and you think she belongs in Titans and that Kyle should go be a Blue Lantern or something like that.

I want Cruz gone, as well as Baz and that new teen Lantern. DC is trying to stuff seventy pounds of shit into a thirty-pound bag, and it's never going to fit in there. KYLE was really one Earth Lantern too many, but it's much too late to get rid of him now, so Titans is the place for him. You can't do anything else with him that has any chance to sell and to stay in print. That shouldn't be debated any more.

Let Justice League Odyssey crash and burn, which it will, and let DC give Johns the job of finding non-Lantern roles for these redundant characters. Let them be his problem.

Well I seriously doubt that Kyle is going to bump Titan sales nor will the title do anything to help him as a character. There are plenty of options besides being Mr. Nanny, but I'll just have to wait out the storm.
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