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Originally Posted by Razorgod View Post
It's already been delayed until next year due to overwhelming opposition to the bill...and there has already been something like 30 different amendments propositioned but voted down. This sounds dismal, but it's actually a good sign that it won't make it up the pipe.

I'm more worried about compromising to get the bill passed, that never ends well but it's those compromises that get shit like this passed....well compromise or attaching it to military spending....
I has not been delayed, the hearings were postponed till January 11th while Congress breaks for the holidays. That is all.

And yes SOPA may die how ever it's sister bill from the Senate "Protect IP Act" is as bad if not worse than SOPA. Both bills MUST be stopped. Otherwise were all going to be under a mountain of restrictions as to what we can put online and be safe from civil and criminal charges.

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