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Originally Posted by Trey Strain View Post
To address the Superman question, that's where Kryptonite comes in. Get rid of that, and then let's see anyone write stories about Superman!

Re Sandman: His power level makes him unsuited for an ongoing. It's the same reason that Dr. Fate, Dr. Strange and the Silver Surfer can't carry one. You just can't write a lot of stories about such powerful characters.

If DC would power the Spectre down to a reasonable level, and write him a a human being with a job and a life, then he might be able to sell an ongoing.
Silver Surfer had an ongoing [that for a time was even written by Ron Marz] that lasted over ten years that began in 1987 and ran for 148 issues. Doc Strange has had two ongoings last 88 and 81 issues in the past. Fate has had a series get as high as the 40's at least once I can remember. It's not impossible. Spectre could sell if they could balance the POV between Corrigan and the spirit.

With a simplified franchise, since Alan's power is more magic and supernatural... maybe a new weakness could be a problem using his power against newer technology. He could be good with tech as far as working in a subway and then as a radio engineer, his power just wouldn't be as effective against it and he'd have to think around situations. I mean... it's better than a weakness to wood LOL

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