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Default Selling A Bunch of GL Stuff

I find myself having lost interest in Green Lantern and DC Comics, so I'm selling off some of my things that I don't think I'll have much use for anymore. I keep my stuff in really good shape, so there are some quality things here. Here are some items that may interest Green Lantern fans.

Green Lantern/Green Arrow #87. The first appearance of John Stewart. In really good condition!

Massive Green Lantern figure lot:

Complete Justice League Adventures and Justice League Unlimited comic series in superb condition, all bagged and boarded:
^I actually accidentally deleted a photo showing the Justice League Adventures set. I'll retake the photo later, but those comics are there and in great condition.

The-Darkstars-Complete-Comic-Series all bagged and boarded and in excellent condition:

Justice-League-John-Stewart-Green-Lantern-Maquette. These statues are rare and valuable:

I might list some other things later.
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