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Originally Posted by -//V\\- View Post
I was only ever a fan of Ganthet, but in reality he wasn't even around for 99% of the Kyle era.

The X-Men can live on without Prof. X. SHIELD can survive without Nick Fury. Batman doesn't need Robin. And the GLC can make it without the Guardians.

Eh, I disagree, but you know that by now.

I'm not saying the comic can't SELL without the Guardians, or that it can't tell interesting stories. I'm just saying that, as I understand the purpose of the GLC, without SOMETHING in the Guardian role it is just too implausible to me that they would actually have much of an impact on the universe as a whole. John Stewart, much as I like the character (or at least, liked earlier iterations a whole lot...not so much lately, since he hasn't been very interesting of late), doesn't have the knowledge or experience I feel is needed to make running a universal force for justice and order practical, and while I feel like a council would be better, it doesn't work for me either. The GLC is such a grandiose concept (ludicrous really, if you think of the scale of it) that I feel like it needs some kind of Deus ex Machina behind the scenes in charge to make it seem like it could really work.
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