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I agree. GL's have been shown to create something of a planet before, so constructing a new Oa isn't out of the question. And now that the Guardians are back hopefully the Corps numbers will go up again cause seeing the same 5-10 GL's in the background got old after Edge of Oblivion.

I *really* wanna see some GL's based on popular alien races in the DCU. Another Tamaranian would be cool, a couple aliens from the LoSH could be nice like a triplicate man from Cargg or a magnetic powered person from Braal.

EDIT: Kyle should totally be able to bring more Guardians back to life unless that ability was lost with his first GL ring ages ago. IDK if the torchbearer element was in his ring or in himself, but even if it was in his ring Mogo absorbed it during the Ion maxi series. Was the ring Kyle got at the end of Sinestro Corps War just a duplicate of someone's?


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