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I could handle Hal Jordan's return with Rebirth. I could handle GLC 2.0 with Recharge. What I couldn't handle was making the "other three" human GLs into "just" GLs. Kyle's ring became like just the others, Guy Gardner lost Ice and almost never returned to Earth, and John Stewart also got sucked into space. There could be no Earth GL other than Hal Jordan. Guy lost his Vuldarian powers permanently.

I actually liked the Color Spectrum and Blackest Night. Brightest Day was an ultimate disappointment, as the white power was never truly defined, and once again, Hal Jordan became the center spotlight in the final issues. Blah on Hal Jordan. Sinestro should have stayed the White Lantern, with the whole "Deadman as White Lantern" storyline was pathetic and pointless. The same with the "chosen" Whites, from Captain Boomerang to Jade.

The whole GLC with Mongul and the Black Mercy? A Total Waste of Time. It was what? Six issues? And the Sinestro Corps member stealing GL's offspring. Another waste of time before Blackest Night. Those kinds of stories make readers drop comic books.

V4 ended with War of the GLs and Krona - Krona! - being the Big Bad in the storyline. Talk about overdone. Ala Appa Asa would have been a better villain. The Earth GLs wearing other rings was actually good. Which made the ending - Hal Jordan losing his ring, and Sinestro getting it instead, totally bogus. Inscrutable Guardians of the Universe make for lousy leaders, and opened the door for the Third Army.

If Kyle had stayed an "independent" GL, with a unique ring, instead of the pass to Sodam Yat with Ion, if Hal hadn't been left on Earth by himself, if Guy had been allowed to have a good, lasting relationship with Tora (instead of the on-again, off-again we see with Carol Ferris and Hal Jordan), if John Stewart wasn't forgotten so often, V4 would have been a lot better. You can keep the Stewart-Fatality romance, Larfleeze as an actual villain instead of a cosmic joke, the Blue Lanterns as a growing force, the Reds as a threat, the Purples' storyline almost unchanged, the Yellows under Arkillo, etc.

But no. We had to "break the rules, you've NEVER seen the Green Lanterns like THIS!" every summer since 2009. A pox on high-school educated comic book editors. V4 had some of the greatest storylines possible, and they still messed it up.

One last word: Ganthet becoming the Blue Lantern Guardian with Sayd, only to lose Sayd to Larfleeze and being forced to become a GL Guardian again? Completely pointless. Both should have stayed with the BLC, period.
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