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It's my hope that if TheGL does well that the editors will have more of an idea what to do with the other characters to rebuild the franchise. Don't worry about interconnecting a ton of shit like Geoff did, just have two or three books with their own look and feel and let the creators have a little freedom. Maybe have a multi-issue crossover once a year on the anniversary issues or whatever and that's it.

Guy, Kyle, and John all deserve better. And when DC constantly throws talent and promotional space away on new Catwoman, Batgirl, Robin [ANY Bat-sidekick really...], and those New52 Earth 2 books.... it's almost insulting.

If DC really wanted to push a cosmic title like JL:O they should've made a GL like John the leader rather than Cyborg.


As to who may be taking the bullet.... GUY APPEARS IN DAMAGE #10-12!!! Since I'm apparently the only one reading that series LOL

Baz is a goner.

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