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Originally Posted by HalFingJordan View Post
Why even make a book where Hal is tethered to all of these 3rd and 4th stringers like Kyle and John? Of course it was always going to get cancelled.

Is Geoff coming back anytime soon? The comics sorely need him more than ever.
Kyle and John aren't 3rd or 4th stringers, they're former headliners. It seems to me that the logic was clear: none of the GLs, Hal included, have been posting high numbers of readers in the last few years. DC decided to put them all together and see what happened. It worked for short time, but it eventually faltered. If you look at the sales numbers for HJ&The GLC and compare them to the current sales numbers of the current GL title at the same point (8 issues in ), they're nearly identical.

For that matter, none of DC's characters outside of Batman have been posting huge readership numbers for many years. If you look at the top 10 selling titles now, 3 years ago, 5 years ago,'s almost always the same combination: Mostly Marvel, a couple of Batman titles, maybe a Justice League book, and an outlier like Harley Quinn or Walking Dead. Not even Wonder Woman or Superman titles bring in big sales numbers these days.
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