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Originally Posted by Tazer View Post

ok, but I'm pretty sure that Marvel *already* gets most of the revenue generated from him; I rather doubt Sony prints up much in the way of tshirts & cups, and I doubt they do much at all in the way of toys and such......... :/

Previous and potential revenue from film and video game profits is at the heart of the issue. The films are billion dollar properties alone, add to that the video games which Sony also has rights to, and it becomes a huge deal. Sony's Spider-Man for PS4, for instance, made nearly $500 million in its first month before DLC profits, never mind the bonus money from their intercompany exclusive designs, such as the Spider-Man PS4 variant, which allowed them to sell their system at a premium because of a color design.

Lots of little things like that add up over time, so when you approach a buyout you have to look at potential profits lost by giving up the rights. It's not just about what it's done, it's about what it can do, and Spider-Man has been set up to lead the MCU for all intents and purposes, so you're looking at multiple billions of dollars worth of films, with the video games aside. I'm sorry, but $10 billion is more than a fair starting point for negotiations now... and Disney's over eagerness with their previous share deal is kind of to blame.
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