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Originally Posted by Deadpool View Post
A) Good taste, have you ever seen any of the wrong turns?
B) I think they should have ended with an alternate part 6 when Tommy becomes Jason 2 and another little kid kills him.
C) I've never seen Freddy V Jason, but i've always wanted to.
D) 100% agree, 5 was a fuckin fantastic film, but under rated because Jason wasn't in it. Also, my favourate scene is at the begining where this fat guy keeps pissing people off and some dude just slashes his belly open with an axe! That is what should be in comedeys instead of these stupid little lovey dovey ones you get.
A) Thought the first Wrong Turn was a decent flick and entertaining. The 2nd and 3rd were dogshit.

B) I wanted Tommy to be the killer with part 6 and part of me has always been letdown that we never got to see where that might have gone. But I love Jason as a monster so much and enjoyed 6 and 7 for the fun zombie/monster flicks that they are...that I can't help but forgive them.

C) See it. One of the funnest times I ever had at a theater seeing a horror movie. The place was filled with guys like me who grew up with the franchises. People were cheering and popping at all the right spots.

D) I loved that there were over a dozen people set up just to kill, but even in their short times on screen, so many of them were hilarious. And Reggie The Reckless? Demon? Fucking classic!

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