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i like the start of it (really i do) but their are a few things (just a few) that i'm having problems with

1st the way Kyle is acting to Soranik, it not her fault Sin did what he did and the feeling i'm getting from Kyle is that he's blaming her, that he's seeing Sin everytime he looks at her (that being said i know that Kyle is pissed off and isn't thinking things out so in a way i get it)

2nd the way he's acting to his friends, whatever it is he's going do he can't do it alone and he should know this he shouldn't be pushing them away (but again he's pissed off and not thinking things though)

3rd not a fan of Jade, that's all i'm gonna say about that (but i'd still like to see how things play out with her and Kyle together again)

all in all a good start to something that DC should be doing (but they're dropping the ball )

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