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Default ...had to finish posting this somehow

Dark Lantern Chapter 1: Back in Black pt.2

Brooklyn, NY

"This is what I needed...." Kyle thought taking in a deep breath of fresh air.

He was on a balcony at his new address. A sign said "Sheepshead Bay Yacht Club down by a dock behind the apartment building. He now lived by the ocean. There were still a few unpacked boxes in the living room. The phone rang a few times before the machine finally picked up.

"This is Kyle, you know what to do." Kyle's voice said before the caller started their message.

"Kyle, it's Hal. Grayson said you weren't gonna try to rewrite the universe or anything so I'm not gonna question your actions. The Guardians have asked the Corps to finish off the Sinestro's since they're so few in number. The Guardians may send an Alpha to talk to you, even though the blue bastards always favored you for some reason. But at some point you'll have to tell them what happened on Korugar. Just be careful and look out for any Sinestros in your area...."

As the message ended Kyle squinted his eyes towards the bridge. A yellow flash of light caught his eye and he instantly consumed himself in green fire and constructed his costume in mid flight. He was on the top story of the building and it had seemed like nobody noticed. Except for one purple haired female who looked to be in her twenties down by the pool in the back of the building.

The Dark Lantern flew forward and in a matter of seconds his green energy spewing eyes noticed just what the yellow flash was. It almost resembled Arkillo, but it was on all fours with a giant tail and yellow Parallax armor....

"This is the last thing I need right now. Although with Nero and Effigy both pushing up daisies, I AM in need of an arch-enemy like...." Kyle mused.

"PARALLAX!"Kyle screamed charging at the entity from the air while panicked civilians abandoned their cars and ran away.

"It is nice to see you again, human!" the entity screamed as the two began trading blows.

"Wish I could say the same to you. Somebody could use about a dozen breath mints!" Kyle bantered creating an emerald muzzle around the insane jaw of the new Parallax.

Kyle wasn't expecting to be so overwhelmed. He took a strike from the creature's long tail and noticed a handful of Sinestros awaiting orders a little higher up in the air. He created a giant robot with a skull like face and a lightsaber style scythe and swatted a couple of the onlooking Sinestros into the water below and barely missed Parallax with another swing. The creature let off an energy wave that was so massive several cars on the bridge were atomized as the bridge and Kyle's construct started to give way. It seemed that the Dark Lantern was in over his head until....

"Starman, Bill, Donna.... help Kyle with Parallax and try to keep the bridge stable. Jessee, get any remaining civilians off of the bridge." Batman ordered as the group dropped out of a JLA cruiser.

"What about me, Bats?" Jade asked flying down with Batman on an emerald bat shaped hover board [similar to the Green Goblin's].

"Once Jessee gets the rest of those civilians out of here, we'll take care of the other Sinestros." he said.

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