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Exclamation Chapter 4 Ending

Dark Lantern Chapter 1: Back in Black pt.3

Kyle picked himself up from some rubble to see Starman striking Parallax from a distance with the crystal in his chest while Congorilla tried to attack the creature with brute force. Donna touched down beside Kyle and threw some debris off of him and into the ocean.

"We saw the news reports and figured you could use a hand. Do you know how to seperate the fear entity from the Sinestro it bonded to?" Donna asked as the two flew towards Parallax.

"If we can rip the entity out of Arkillo, I may be able to imprison it in my personal power battery. But it's still just a gamble." Kyle said dodging a strike from the creature's tail.

Donna managed to grab the tail in time to swing the monster around to meet Congorilla's now giant fist.

"Donna always made stuff like this look easy...." Kyle thought to himself mid-battle.

Parallax landed in the water and Kyle found an opportunity to repair the bridge somewhat to make Jessee's job a little easier. Congo Bill reached into the ocean with his giant hand to pick Parallax up but the creature sunk it's massive jaw into one of the fingers of the ape-man.

"AAAAAAAAAH, that damn thing bit me!" he screamed.

The fear entity quickly blasted Starman out of the air and it seemed as if the rest of the League had managed to capture the other Sinestros and remove their rings with Jade's power. But the battle was far from over. As the entity saw a strong host in the giant Congorilla it tried to leap out of the mouth of Arkillo towards the hairy hero. But Kyle and Jade were one step ahead and sealed it off in a green construct bubble.

"Can you hold it on your own long enough for me to pull my battery out of a pocket dimension?" the Dark Lantern asked his ex.

"Go for it!" she yelled straining to hold on as the League stood ready.

Kyle opened a rip in time space and pulled out his clunky power battery. He held it in both of his hands, not using the handle, and began to pour energy and willpower into the alien tech. As Jade's construct disipated the monster fought hard not to be pulled into the battery, but it was no use. The will of Kyle Rayner was too strong.


Kyle and the League stood on the nearly broken bridge as onlookers and news crews began making way towards the battle field. There were news helicopters already flying around overhead.

"I'll keep an eye on Parallax until I talk to somebody in the Corps about transporting the entity back to Oa. Can you guys figure out somewhere to lock up the ring-less Sinners?" the Dark Lantern asked keeping the green glow in his eyes to keep photographers from getting a clear shot of his face.

"Don't worry about them, we'll take care of it." Batman commented.

"If you need anything, we're just a phone call away.... Hey? What do we call you now that you've gone solo?" Donna asked floating up towards the JLA cruiser alongside Jade who held the Sinners and their rings in seperate energy bubbles.

"Batman's the Dark Knight. Might as well call me the Dark Lantern." Kyle stated lifting himself up in the air.

"Friends close.... and enemies closer." he thought.

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