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Green Lantern February 2012 Sales

Another month, another sales release by Diamond giving us the latest standings in comics. Once again, DC Comics does well in the top ten, pulling...10 out of 10 again. Geoff Johns, as per usual now, takes two of the top 5 and 3 of the top 10. Justice League #6 maintains the top spot as the #1 selling comic, while Green Lantern #6 came in, you guessed it, at the same spot as last month, smacked right at #5.

The sixth month of Green Lantern: New Guardians sees another slip in sales ranking, coming in at #27. While GL:NG only falls 3 spots from last month, Peter Tomasi's Green Lantern Corps #6 stands pat at #32. Change may be coming soon to Red Lanterns, and it might be needed. RL #6 takes another slight dip(-5 last month) as it falls two spots and lands at #42. That puts it below Ultimate Spider-Man but above the latest Wolverine issue, so rage on Milligan. RAGE ON!

In not so good news, the highest selling lantern related TPB is Justice Society: Monument Point, which came in at #69. Head over here to check out the Top 100 Graphic Novel Sales. Once again, DC Execs talk NEW 52 Sales 6 months in at Newsarama. DC Comics has been pretty shy about releasing many details on their sales in the digital market, but below you can check out their top 10 ranking titles. As you can see, Green Lantern came in at #5 there as well. Over at CBR, John Rood and Bob Wayne(those execs we mentioned earlier), talk about the digital market.


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