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Green Lantern April 2012 Sales

Another month, another three minutes spent looking at comic book sales charts. Let's find out where the lantern titles landed in April as they ramp up towards the summer and the eventual event.

As you can see from the above chart, Green Lantern #8 came in at #5, which boosts it back up two spots from last month's drop. The other Geoff Johns penned and Hal Jordan starring book, Justice League is at #3 with its eighth issue. DC Comics still has a 60% hold on the top ten, despite giving up the top slot to Marvel Comics' latest hero vs hero event issue.

Tony Bedard's eighth issue of Green Lantern: New Guardians starts setting up for its crossover with Blue Beetle, so we'll have to check back next month to see if that boosts either book up. For now, New Guardians comes in at a spot lower than last month with a #28 placing. Also of note, New Guardians is still above Nightwing which is a big part of a Batman event right now. Hold the line Kyle! Meanwhile, Peter Tomasi and Fernando Pasarin may be banging their heads against a wall as Green Lantern Corps #8 falls two spots down to #35. Cheer up fellas, no doubt the trial of John Stewart and AlphaWar will be just what the book needs. The fourth lantern title, Red Lanterns by Peter Milligan does a nosedive from #41 last month down to #50 in April. If it makes anyone feel better, its selling a lot better than Iron Man's main title and he has a giant movie in theaters!

As usual, DC's Bob Wayne & John Cunningham talk sales, digital rankings & readership with CBR. The Top 100 Graphic Novels chart...that doesn't include any lantern collections.

UPDATE: Actual Sales Numbers


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