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Legacy #270:

Was excellent. Magik's prison was certainly clever and incredibly hard to escape (the way she trapped each Avenger, especially snake-limbed Hawkeye and Ms. Marvel battling a leech-headed Rogue) was great. I also liked Rogue's plan to escape by tapping Magik's regular powers. Unfortunately, it all went to waste. At least now we know how Rogue ends up in the last arc of the series. Artwork was lovely, of course.

Wolverine & the X-Men #13:

The entire issue, I kept getting the feeling that things were going to turn out just like when Kitty contacted Colossus during his stint as an Acolyte in Fatal Attractions. Very sad to see that my expectations were met, though I really must commend Aaron for his quality writing; the characters' words had weight. The most surprising part of the issue, I must admit, was the one panel where it showed what Toad did with Husk's old skins. It was just so fucked up and funny that I couldn't help but laugh uproariously at him. Bravo, Mr. Aaron, bravo. The artwork was well-done, and extremely poignant on the last page.
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