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Claire Holt Might Be Out of the Running for the CBS SUPERGIRL TV Series

According to the report that popped up about a week ago, Holt wasn’t named a top choice, she was only among the actresses testing for role, so it’s no surprise to hear that things may not work out for her. In a piece regarding what happens to Holt’s character in the latest episode of The Originals, THR claims that she is “not expected to get the part.” No, it doesn’t mean she’s definitely out, but it’s not looking good. But at least there are tons of other options out there.

We don’t know who else is taking part in testing with Holt, but I like the idea of Sara Paxton or Ashley Hinshaw taking the role. Paxton has already proved she’s got no trouble carrying a film. Why not bring her back to TV now? As for Hinshaw, she’s a less familiar face and doesn’t have many leading roles to her name, but films like Chronicle, +1 and Goodbye to All That certainly prove she’s got no problem making a big impression, so it’s about time she gets to be the headliner on a prominent project. But, then again, she does have a role on Agent Carter so that might knock her out of this one.
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