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Originally Posted by Hypo View Post
Really? I'm pretty sure the original teaser is somewhere in this thread.
*d'oh!!* I completely missed it if it was. then again, with *that* being said....

Originally Posted by Michael Heide View Post
Wasn't it all over Comic Con San Diego's DC booth?
....I didn't follow much of _anything_ to come out of SDCC this year. myself and the rest of TMW3MP -nutjobs usually end up doing an all-things-Marvel news roundup episode that Mon anyways , so I don't bother trying to stay ontop of things related to it. and as it pertains to DC.........I really havent cared much that comes down the comic pike for awhile now (even including the GL-books, if I'm to be honest.) :/


Originally Posted by Andrew NDB View Post
Geoff Johns should have a 10 mile restraining order from comic books, let alone films.

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