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Originally Posted by Deadpool View Post
X-23 could be fun, although so far, every film like this with a female star has failed (Elektra, Fantastic four, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, Catwoman, do I have to continue?)
I have to partially disagree there. FF's two films were moderate commerical successes, and a lot closer to X-men in their group dynamic.

Your other two examples are more to the point. Elektra and Catwoman featured lead heroines who didn't resonate with audiences. I'm really not sure Marvel has a female character who could go it alone at the box office. If they spin Ms. Marvel off from Avengers...maybe.

DC has the most iconic heroine in Wonder Woman. If she ever gets her own flick, she would be the litmus test for all female leads in comic book movies after that. But a WW movie would have to overcome the DC movie curse, too.
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