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I loved the 80s GL with Hal and Guy, but DCU's problem is that they get 80% through a storyline and then the dumpster fire alights. I think it began with Armageddon 2000, where the fans found out early that Monarch would be Captain Atom, so the staff had to change the plot at the last second to Hawk being the bad guy. There's been a continuous new beginning-overpower-depower cycle in a lot of the DCU comics, especially Superman and GL/GLC. GL Rebirth, Blackest Night, and Brightest Day were spectacular, but Blackest Night dropped the ball right at "Devour Will", and Brightest Day started to act as if three different people were writing the last six issues simultaneously. War of the Lanterns/Third Army/First Lantern were coffin nails, not plot arcs.

If you said I could only keep the comics from one era I would say the 90s with Kyle and Parallax, just because it gave possibilities, from Kyle going to the Legion of Super-Heroes as well as making his own temporary Corps in a two-issue mini-book. The old power rings with their 24-hour limits were quaint, but Kyle's ring with no limits was better. Blackest Night with the Color Corps were a close 2nd place. And Guy was the Vuldarian Warrior during that time too.

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