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Couldn't resist the urge any longer and popped in DA1. Liking it so far, even if the graphics have aged a bit.

Got my female city elf amazon to Ostagar for now, with the lovely name of Tir Konai (taken from Callista Skip's Triskelion's Reign furry fantasy novel; love that character). She doesn't take shit when protecting her friends, as evidenced by butchering half a castle to save her friends from a drunken, rape-hungry noblemen gang. (Don't look at me like that, I wanted to have a pretty wedding; I even equipped the wedding ring).

It's a damn good thing I uninstalled a lot of large content yesterday, because the DLC (have the Ultimate Edition, so I have the spare disc) takes up a piss-ton of space. Still, looking forward to playing some of it, perhaps even all.

Kinda disappointed the elves get royally dicked over in origins here, being little better than slaves and fodder. Man, humans are such racist dirtbags. I'm gonna fix that, like Dr. King!
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