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Originally Posted by Big Daddy Dave Skywalker View Post
I think Bendis might have made more of a splash if DC had put him on something that really needed his help. A lower tiered title that he could have raised up to the next level like Johns did for GL, Moore did for Swamp thing or Perez did for WW. On the Superman titles he seems like a wash.

He would have made bigger waves if he had taken over Green Arrow or Titans.
I think that's the problem with DC. They sign big talent but then 90% of the time they shuffle them to a Superman or Batman title, or God forbid something outside of continuity in a mini series or graphic novel that does nothing for the overall DC landscape.

Green Arrow was a nice thought. I'd love to see that title do better than it seems to be. It'd be incredible if DC could lure Kevin Smith back for an arc or two for that title, but Bendis I'm sure could do something for it as well. Maybe have Bendis rework the Beyond Universe, or a title like Red Hood & the Outlaws. Both of those concepts have staying power at least. How long will another Dial H last, and how long can Wonder Twins hold on to readers?

Bendis was featuring the Question in some recent issues of Action... WHAT ABOUT ANOTHER SERIES FOR Q?!? Cause you know... fans actually WANT to see that...

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