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Vol 1 and 2 were full of ideas, and had higher highs than any of the following volumes, but were also massively naive.

Vol 3 had a bit of everything. Hal, Guy, John, even Alan for #18.
Then, Emerald Twilight happened. How it happened is debatable, and I agree that the whole three-part story should not have been written over a weekend while the writer was at a rock festival. But that it happened was great.
I loved Kyle from day one (which was the DC vs Marvel crossover for me, then #78, then every issue from #48 to Final Night). While I was familiar with Hal and Guy at the time through the Death and Return of Superman books, I never got pulled into the bigger cosmology of the GL franchise. The Corps, the sectors, the various Alien races hadn't interested me until they were gone. Through Kyle's eyes, I got slowly introduced to all of it, and I grew to love it all.
When Judd Winick took over and had to ruin everything, he left nothing but salted Earth. Ben Raab, who had no interest in writing Kyle and wrote him as Hal with the number plates filed off, gave the franchise the finishing blow. Ron Marz' final storyline was great, but DC had already decided to relaunch everything with Geoff Johns at that time.

Geoff's Volume 4 had a few great ideas, and I have to admit that he brought interest back to the franchise in a big way, but it's obvious that he threw the whole orphanage out with the bath water. In the same way Emerald Twilight did, but with no intention to rebuild any of it. Volume 5 was even worse, because Geoff had already lost all interest in the book, but had no desire to leave it, and Venditti didn't improve things by doubling down on the whole emotional rainbow bullshit that had already overstayed its welcome by three years at that point.

Let's not talk about Hal and the GLC or Green Lanterns.

The Green Lantern is off to a great start, but I'm worried that DC will accidentally self-destruct the book as soon as Morrison is out of the door.

So yeah, I vote for volume 3.
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