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A Candle in the Dark: The Story of William Carey (1998)

"God preserve us from traditions and vanity."

Say Anything (1989)

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Originally Posted by Agent Purple View Post
Lawrence of Arabia (1962) ... I really love the cinematography in here, the epic landscape shots that make me want to watch 2001 all over again...
David Lean is particularly known for having a keen eye and really getting the best from his DP, but the Lean/Freddie Young collaboration is at its best here.

Originally Posted by Agent Purple View Post
...I have to say that the way the character is portrayed (and hell if I know what he was really like) was odd, engaging, and masterfully acted...
Yeah, I haven't read as much as I'd like to on that, but apparently Lawrence's love of the desert and his show-boaty awareness of press are accurate. They also hint at his sadomasochistic tendencies. Supposedly, when he returned to England he would hire this guy to just beat him up. I think the complexity and (he's downright contradictory at points) ambiguity of the real man and the performance are part of why the movie is still so highly regarded. At the end of it (and the funeral comments just reinforce this with multiple viewings) you don't feel like you've totally grasped this man.

Originally Posted by Agent Purple View Post
...O'Toole was a great choice for the role, and I loved the way he and Sharif played against/with each other as foils-turned-friends...
I was shocked to later learn that Sharif's character is fictional, but his character is basically a conflation of a few leaders that worked with Lawrence throughout the war. But he's so great here anyway.

Originally Posted by Agent Purple View Post
I don't know if this is in "My Top X" for me of all time, maybe for its genre, but I definitely have to give it major credit for being a film of truly unique quality.
That's cool. There are legitimate reasons why it might not shoot to anyone's top. For me, it's just one of those classics that I heard about and didn't have to be sold on. The very first time I watched The Godfather, Casablanca, or LoA I was enamored with them and it seems like every time I re-watch those (or a few others) I immediately remember how much I love them.

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