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Saw the latest Seth Rogen movie, "Long Shot," with him and Charlize Theron. Not as raucous as stuff like "This is the End," "The Interview," and so on (all of which I've dug).

Yeah... kind of romantically "cute" but not a good movie. By the end Rogen goes full-on political and wish-fulfillment. Basically, it's a "what if" Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez became a front-runner for president (complete with touting a full "Green New Deal" under a different name), has to contend with a very Trump-like current president, then becomes president herself. Also has a scene where his best friend "comes out" to him that he's a republican and super Christian, and it's treated like a "That's evil, but I guess I'll still be friends with you anyway."

Looks like it bombed. 40 million dollar production and only made 30 domestically... not good!
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