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Sensitive New Age Killer (2000)

"Remember you love me."

Not as funny as it seems to think itself, but an alright watch. Follows a low-level hitman in Australian looking for a big break after a string of botched jobs.

Originally Posted by robojac View Post
Widows (2018)

"We have a lot of work to do, crying is not on the list."

Again I happened to have this next in my queue the same time you were watching it.

Originally Posted by Andrew NDB View Post
How is that? I assume all the dudes die right away?
Not Robojac, but for my part, I can say it was really good. It's more of a thriller and drama than you might expect. The ladies aren't super heroes who don't make mistakes or overnight pros, but they are serious and their story is engaging.
And, yeah, the botched job leading to the deaths basically starts the movie and then bits with the men are interspersed in flashbacks.

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