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Originally Posted by HalFingJordan View Post
It did fine at the box office. Now you're just making up things.
looks like Ed was right:

Budget - $144 million

Domestic - $128,350,574

International - $100,796,935

Worldwide - $229,147,509


Box Office

Ghostbusters grossed $128.3 million in North America and $100.8 million in other territories for a worldwide total of $229.1 million, with a net production budget of $144 million. Due to the large amount spent on marketing, the studio stated that the film would need to gross at least $300 million to break even. Before the release, director Paul Feig stated, "A movie like this has to at least get to like $500 million worldwide, and thatís probably low."

/shrug :/

Originally Posted by HalFingJordan View Post
Ghostbusters 2016 was sold as the beginning of a new franchise for a new generation for half of the population, which is female. Changing course on that is culturally irresponsible and maybe even dangerous.
its a concern, maybe, but if it (much like the recent Charlie's Angels -reboot), fails to reach enuff of that audience to be a viable financial property that they cant even recover its budget from the combined worldwide market (let alone the domestic one), would U say that the answer is to just keep making them until they DO catch on?

I don't think U'll like the reply for that Q, if U were to ask it.


Originally Posted by Andrew NDB View Post
Geoff Johns should have a 10 mile restraining order from comic books, let alone films.
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