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Originally Posted by JohnMc View Post
At $7.99 no. That's alot for a character that nobody's ever heard of. If it was at $2.99 or whatever the average price is now then people would have given it a chance.

I would have given it a chance if it was reasonably priced and the existing GLs were all placed somewhere. Guy, Kyle and Baz are still unaccounted for. The last time we saw Guy was in Doomsday Clock when Dr. Manhattan destroyed his ring. I guess we're supposed to believe he's been left powerless.
Originally Posted by Big Daddy Dave Skywalker View Post
That 3 part mini series really took a hit for the GL line. I'm curious to how well the new #1 did in light of it being revealed it is now only going to be an 8 issue run before the 5G debacle replaces it.
This all seems like it's in flux now. With Didio gone, will DC still go through with 5G, and will it be the same if they do? Are they going to make it mesh with Doomsday Clock eventually? Who knows.
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