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Originally Posted by Big Blue Lantern View Post
I just can't envision DC giving John a Parallax-style heel turn for years on end. I get the feeling that this is leading to some larger narrative plan, like a new villain who will wield this ultraviolent energy.
I think this development will only last for one story arc, if even that. I don't think it's anything too serious, relatively speaking. I also think it's intentionally wacky, so while silly, it isn't anything I worry about, concerning the well being of the John Stewart character. At least, that's the feeling this gives me, especially after reading the obviously intentionally silly-ish solicitation text. That's the big difference between what I think this will be and what Geoff Johns and some others have done with the Emotional Spectrum, which I don't care for. I have a feeling Snyder is intentionally doing something bizarre and kinda' silly, because he thinks it will be weird and fun (and hopefully there will be an entertaining story in there). Geoff Johns, on the other hand, was totally serious about the (IMO) utterly ridiculous stuff he was doing with all those different colored Corps.

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