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Originally Posted by Trey Strain View Post
I'm going to repost something that I posted earlier but deleted. It's what should have happened in the GL movie, and it's what should happen in a reboot of Green Lantern.

Sinestro and Abin Sur live on Korrugar. Sur is a Green Lantern, and Sinestro is jealous of him. The Weaponers of Qward offer Sinestro a yellow ring with which to kill Sur. In return they want Sinestro to use Sur's green ring to give them a portal through which to enter this universe. They plan to destroy the Green Lantern Corps in a surprise attack. They tell Sinestro they'll let him rule Korrugar, but they actually want to kill him, and to loot Korrugar and many other worlds.

After Sinestro assassinates Sur, the CPB gives power rings and batteries to Hal, Guy, John and Kyle. Sinestro sees a chance to put these unsuspecting rookies to work helping him conquer and subjugate Korrugar.

Meanwhile the Qwardians enter this universe and attack the GLC. The Earth Lanterns finally figure out what's going on and join with the Corps to fight Sinestro and the Qwardians.

The Corps defeats the Weaponers and drives them back to their universe, but Sinestro escapes with Sur's ring and power battery.

The Earth Lanterns then start deciding what they're going to do with their rings.


That movie wouldn't have lost $90 million.

THAT is your idea for a GL movie? That is awful! Don't quit your day job man, you aren't meant to be a writer.
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