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I don't know if anyone else agrees with this or maybe this is the way it already is, but I always kind of hoped the power rings were made more powerful, like to the point where if a users will is strong enough it can alter aspects of reality in startling ways. I would not really leave anything out of the realm of possibility when it came to the power rings; time travel, dimensional hoping, teleportation, shrinking the user down to the quantum level; the ring is only limited by will and imagination. I think the comic would take on a structure more like the Marvel's Ultimate series where the Lanterns only dealt with threats so unimaginably huge and daunting that only something as powerful as the Green Lantern ring can deal with it; potentially universe shattering threats. The title would be more of a deep dive into science fiction with snippets of science reality thrown in, and really go crazy exploring some of the meta-physical and allegorical elements of the DC cosmos. Really take the gloves off and make GL a needed cornerstone of the universe.
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