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Originally Posted by JohnnyV View Post
I usually understand most of them. This one eludes me though. Which leads me to think it's a Dark Souls 2 reference. I played about 2 hours of the first one and instantly quit. I don't mind challenges in video games, but the way that game challenged you just wasn't any fun IMO.
There's this kid at our church who is constantly trying to tell me about the videogames he is playing, giving the impression that he really wants my approval, or for me to play them too, or something. I think he must have some sort of social interaction disorder, which I'm sensitive to, since my oldest has been diagnosed with Aspergers, but it gets really tiring trying to engage him in conversation when essentially he just follows me spouting about whatever game he is fixated on this week.

This lengthy introductory paragraph was really just leading into the fact that, this past week, he was going on about Dark Souls 2. And it sounds HORRID. I mean, he would describe the way the game worked, and he must have thought he was making it sound cool, but all I kept thinking (and eventually saying, though perhaps a bit more gently) was, "This game sounds like about the least fun thing I could EVER choose to do for entertainment on a computer."

I mean, he's talking about "trial and error" gameplay, where you have to die over and over and over again to figure out what you have to do to progress, and then talking about bosses that are even harder, and how you have to replay the whole area just to get back to the boss if it kills you, and how, when you come back after dying you are actually weaker than before somehow, and how when you finally kill the boss you get this REALLY COOL GEAR, but it doesn't really matter because the enemies you fight AFTER that are so much harder that with your "cool, new gear" you are at the same level against them as you were without it against the previous enemies. I know that was a horrible run-on sentence, but that gives something of the flavor of the "conversation", really.
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