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Originally Posted by Tazer View Post
.........ah dont get it
Originally Posted by Lantern A-train View Post
I only ever get about a 1/4 of those.
Originally Posted by JohnnyV View Post
I usually understand most of them. This one eludes me though. Which leads me to think it's a Dark Souls 2 reference. I played about 2 hours of the first one and instantly quit. I don't mind challenges in video games, but the way that game challenged you just wasn't any fun IMO.
I didn't post the text from the page, but one of the two guys who does that series was sick on Easter, so the other guy just threw something together in lieu of a scheduled release. Every now and then, they'll have "Lazy Grey Art Day" or "Nearly-Dead Cory Art Day" or whatever, which is a sign that one of them is doing a proverbial balancing act and the other has to make the magic happen.
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