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Default Terror-Thon in Somerville MA!

I'm heading out the door now, on my way to The Somerville Theatre in Mass to watch a 7 film horror marathon, all in glorious 35mm!

The lineup is:

The Cat And The Canary (with musical accompaniment)
Creature From The Black Lagoon (in 3D)
John Carpenter's The Thing
Wait Until Dark
A Nightmare On Elm St Part 3
Let The Right One In

The first and foremost reason I'm going is to see The Thing. It's the last big movie on my on screen bucket list and my all time favorite horror film. This one is huge to me.

2nd most excited for TCFTBL. Being in 3D is icing on the cake.

Definitely not staying late enough for Let The Right One In. Fantastic film and I really like both versions of it, but I'm not driving back at 3 in the morning.
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